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  • Netcaster


Netcaster allows you to broadcast content to devices without the need of internet! It makes the job of broadcasting exclusive, high-quality and interruption-free content within a closed network very easy. All you need to do is upload content to the Netcaster device, ask users to connect to the device via Wi-Fi and download the Netcaster app to watch content.

Another great capability of Netcaster is its broad application range. Because of which, it is ideal for usage in a bus, train, school, hospital or even a village!

With Netcaster, you can bring digital content to any space and engage users like never before.

Centralised content distribution
No Internet Required
Low Latency Content Broadcasting
50 to 500000 users
User Content Interaction Analytics
Customisable Solution
Content updation capability via Internet
4G LTE / 3G operator dongle Compatible
CMMI 3-Level Certification
Expert & Experienced Team
24x7 Technical Support
Cost-effective solutions


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